Looking for something new? Try our UV parties - perfect for 7-10 year olds!  Ask for details. (Dependant on time of day).

The Disco Party

All children love the disco party!  With flashing lights and up-to-date music, children of all ages have loads of fun!  With party games and party dances tailored to the age and themes of the birthday child, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time!

All the fun of the fair!

Children of all ages enjoy the fun and games of the fair at this exciting party.  Classic funfair games such as 'tin can alley', skittles, 'bat-the-rat', hoopla, penalty shoot out, lucky dip and 'draw a straw'.  Followed by a session of disco dancing and party dances. 

Movie Party

Choose your favourite movie or a brand new blockbuster available on DVD and treat your friends to a unique movie party!  We can provide a movie atmosphere with popcorn and sweets as your guests watch a movie on our huge projector screen.  (See picture above). 

Beach Party!

Whisk your guests away to a tropical island for an amazing beach party!  Beach party games such as limbo, balloon volley ball, human sandcastles and other classic party games with a Caribbean twist!  

Cowboys and Cowgirls

All your guests will have a great time at this 'hoedown'!  Children get to dress in their best cowboy or cowgirl outfits to join in Western-themed games and party dances.